Monday, June 25, 2012

Human Intelligence And Modern Marketing Technique

by Arthelo Palma

Human Intelligence And Modern Marketing Technique
God allows the enigma of life in the universe today to remain a puzzle waiting to be finally assimilated. Science and religion are both working together to uncover the truth about the enigmatic origin of life and its vibrant dominance as masterpieces and spectacles that nature orchestrates. 

Regarding this, science and religion have become two uneasy companions as they are both working on the same quest, to search for the truth. Searching for the truth is not easy, but it uncovers the fact that humans have the ability to think based on reason guided by varying principles accompanied by the human senses. Then it has become part of being human to search for the truth. Things have become as complicated as how the universe is understood from our point of view,  as far as people are continuously and even deliberately learning many things in life. This means that the evolution of things around us and how people may behave have become tantamount to the very nature of the human intelligence.
Human intelligence at some point is unfathomable due the fact that reason has become profound in all areas of people’s lives that are also keep on changing from time to time. The proof of this is the continuing advancement of both ideas and technology. 

As the "Human Intelligence" evolves, the "Marketing Ideas" are Evolving too...

Science fiction movies make sense from the point of view of commercializing ideas. In fact, this can be the perfect venue for marketing ideas. For instance, spy cameras before were just important components of movies added to their aesthetic appeal and impact, but this became a reasonable inspiration to finally come up with cutting-edge gadgets today that people can readily use. I remember the movie film “Minority Report” introduces a clip about minute spies like the size of an ant, and it might be even smaller than that or so. Personally, I see this as a remarkable way to market highly innovative products. This means integrating highly advanced ideas with some futuristic movie films is an easiest, but perhaps effective way to promote cutting-edge technology in today’s highly advanced market setting that is driven by competitive advantage. Almost everything has been created and it is always a challenge to remain or be on top of the competitive edge over every competing firm. It is no longer an issue why from time to time companies like Apple Incorporated comes up with new innovative products as integral component of its strategic advantage, because at the bottom line the firm tries to earn substantial market share.

This shows that human intelligence, which clearly and momentarily evolves associates itself with almost everything, but its particular application are the marketing arena and the business world in general. For entrepreneurs who want to come up with competitive advantage to learn more about competitive strategies, this should start at the bottom line - understanding further the human intelligence. Entrepreneurs today should always think way beyond what they can imagine. As the world slowly connects everyone, transparency has also become an important concern, which makes information supports further human intelligence. Everyone has sophisticated tools in understanding specific concepts or ideas, because everyone now can share information at a fast pace.  

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