Friday, July 6, 2012

Eat The Right Food

by Arthelo Palma

Eat The Right Food

Here is another important idea that one could integrate into the physical aspect of the human life.

I got this article from Yahoo! The title is “7 foods that increase longevity”. Below are the following foods mentioned in the said article and the health benefits associated with each of them.

Foods good for your health...

Beets – betaine power

Berries – brain, bone and brawn health

Broccoli – cancer protection

Dark chocolate – anti-inflammation

Tomatoes – cancer prevention

Walnuts – cholesterol control (lower level)

Whole grains – cardiovascular

I like to discuss matters concerning health, which is another aspect of the human life that has corresponding Biblical principles. This reminds me of prophet Daniel, his lifestyle and the kind of foods he ate. He refused to have meat in his meals, but chose to have only fruits and veggies. The Bible explains that Daniel grew up healthy, physically fit, mentally stable, and wise. In our time nobody could contest this, it is proven that a healthy diet is tantamount to increase longevity.

I do not hold something against eating meat, because scientists could prove that this food has sufficient amount of nutrients especially in meeting the protein requirements that the human body needs. Eating too much of this sort on the other side of it has also been scientifically proven to contribute to the common and major health problems that society is facing today. Dietitians for instance found that there are foods like some meat could contribute to high cholesterol storage level in the human body.

We have ultimate freedom to choose and decide what to eat. In fact, because of this freedom, everyone could place this principle that everything could be permissible. In general, this argument includes the principle that unless it is not poisonous but edible, we have the freedom to eat everything, but due to existing health problems associated with one’s lifestyle with foods, it is a proven fact that not everything could turn out beneficial in the end.

Does this have something to do with DISCIPLINE?

What I want to point out is the very basic principle in the Bible about Discipline. It is a proven experience that if there is just a strong will to succeed in our physical needs, we could always discipline ourselves most especially with the kind of food we eat. If we desire to become successful in the physical aspect of our life then one important move we can do is to discipline ourselves especially with the kind of food we should prepare on our tables. This  is just simple yet a vital idea that we need to instill our minds for us to reap better rewards in the future. We should not forget the very basic principle that what we sow is what we reap. If we take good care of our health, probably a long and healthy life is just one of the best results we could reap, as we are bound to experience abundance in our life's physical aspect.

Enjoying vigor at a high level and freedom from life-threatening diseases or illnesses are what I call integral components of physical prosperity of the human physical health.

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