Monday, August 6, 2012

Human Behavior And Marketing Activities

by Arthelo Palma

Human Behavior And Marketing ActivitiesHere's a very important information why God wants us to understand human behavior particularly when we employ His wisdom in our business for His glory. 

In psychology, from the standpoint of behavioral perspective, the environment of an individual plays a significant role for the development of human behavior. As a father to two children, I was able to witness how my kids grow, develop their character and behavior and learn things around them. From the moment they develop their essential skills in language and motor dexterity, I was able to adhere to the significant point of behavioral perspective in psychology that individuals have indeed many things to learn from their environment, and from this learning comes development of character or behavior. 

In the same way, marketing activity is very complex in a way that it requires understanding of the human behavior. A manufacturer of a certain product learns this basic information for their prospective or target consumers. However, modern marketing techniques and activities do not just simply stop here. In fact, marketing activities today are very influential, because they try to win their consumers over and create a need for a particular product. Marketing activities are actually integral components of an individual’s external environment. Based on the assumption of behavioral perspective, this implies that people have substantial information and learning from marketing activities, which allows them to end up creating a particular behavior in them. In fact, the very proof of this will be the actual sales generated from a product endorsements of some popular celebrities or personalities with authority and high-calibrated credentials that are enough to create a vibrant dominant appeal. MORE MARKETING IDEAS HERE>>

photo credit: steffen42 via Flickr cc
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