Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why Worrying Could Not Add A Single Moment To Your Life?

by Arthelo Palma

Why Worrying Could Not Add A Single Moment To Your Life?First, allow me to share with you the testimony of a co-believer in Christ in our congregation, a breast cancer survivor. She too has a friend diagnosed with breast cancer, but was unable to successfully fight over it and died. She told us before her friend breathed her last she tried to pacify her burden and internal turmoil with God’s comforting Words, but there was just only poor response. When this friend asked her how she managed to survive from cancer; her reply was pointing to the fact that God is a healing God. A substantial number of people will never dare to seriously believe in this.  

This is the reality. Many people if they would hear horrible reports from the doctor about their physical health condition experienced hopelessness. This might probably a natural human response and they will start to think myriads of negative thoughts, as worry begins to rule over them.

Worrying may not lead to the right decision

According to the testimony of my co-believer in Christ, her friend with cancer worried most of the time because she has many young children who still need of her personal mother care and touch. As her gateway to ward herself off this inconvenient truth of her life's saddest moment, staying late at night with friends, playing card games, and gambling were to her belief the right things to do. The sad reality, such decision just contributed to the fast-pace progression towards the tragic end of her life. With too much worry inside of her, she ended up having insufficient wisdom and chose the wrong decisions; the world was quite illusive at her.

Worry associates itself with poor human health

Our adrenal gland produces a steroid hormone called Cortisol when we worry or experience negative stress (Levy, 2005, p.6). A high Cortisol level in the human body is associated with poor human health (Karb, Elliott, Dowd & Morenoff, 2012). In addition, Cortisol of inappropriate degree could also lead to formation of wrinkles and a detrimental impact on the human immune system (Levy, 2005, p.6). We know that a person with a weak immune system is susceptible to incur various forms of startling diseases or illnesses. The next time you see wrinkles on your face or might be experiencing a poor health condition, try to ask yourself if you have been experiencing negative stress or have been worrying too much lately. Wrinkles and poor health conditions are just only some simple signs that worrying or some form of negative stress has taken its toll on you. And remember, they could never add a single moment to your life as what Jesus said. 

Now, please do not stop. Continue reading this article. I believe this is going to change your life.

Worry cannot add a single moment to life

At this point, I want to emphasize that there is truth about Jesus’ teaching on the peril of worrying. Jesus said, “Who among you by worrying can add a single moment to your life?” (Matthew 6:27). The moment Jesus told this to His disciples or crowd two thousand years ago, science was not yet advancing just as it is today. But Jesus simply wanted to tell us that worrying is a form of hindrance towards our body’s physical prosperity.

Jesus is absolutely right when He told us never to worry because it will not do any good in our health or even add a moment to our life. This is another Biblical principle that we need to apply in our lives. Today, we need Jesus’ teachings for us to live a highly blessed life everyday. All you need to do now is to know them. Have faith in Jesus and His Words. He is the truth (John 14:6). I challenge you to read the Bible. Know Jesus there and His teachings and apply them into your life. They have never been hopelessly outmoded and I can attest to that. Applying His teachings will make you learn someday that you are already walking with Him, and only to find out you are living by then a life of abundance and prosperity.


I know that your very challenge at this moment might be about a specific concern on how to get started flipping-through the pages of the Bible. Do not worry. At start, it was a challenge on my part too. But remember this, you could always pray for God’s grace. 

Pray for His grace that He will encourage you to read the Bible and pour out His divine provision, for you to receive His words and apply them into your life. After all, it will take God’s divine grace for us to be able to read the Bible. 

For you to know more if there are benefits or truths behind Biblical principles, kindly read this article: "Do Biblical Principles Could Really Save Our Lives?"

To God be the Glory!   

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Karb, R. A., Elliott, M. R., Dowd, J. B., & Morenoff, J. D. (2012). Neighborhood-level stressors, social support, and diurnal patterns of Cortisol: The Chicago Community Adult Health Study. Social Science & Medicine, 75, 1038-1047.

Levy, M. (2005). Worry Causes Wrinkles. Fort Lauderdale, FL: Point of Life Inc.

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