Friday, September 7, 2012

How To Secure Financial Success?

by Arthelo Palma

How To Secure Financial Success?As long as we live we continue to grapple with life’s different circumstances. For many people, the greatest component of their challenges goes to financial endeavor. Regarding this, I'm sharing with you today a vital idea on how to guarantee success for your life’s financial aspect.

According to Ryan Ong, “Investing makes you rich; saving keeps you from bankruptcy. Good financial sense is a balancing act between the two: not letting your money stagnates with savings, and not blowing it on bad investments.”

Interpreting what Ong said leads me to conclude that it is not just enough to have a wider scope of knowledge on making money, but the whole point of it requires WISDOM, above anything else.

Be wise as Solomon

Don't you know that King Solomon was one of the wisest businessmen to have ever lived? As king, he needed to situate himself as head in almost every aspect. Specifically, for his kingdom to stand on material prosperity, he needed to engage in trade and other business-related activities. When it comes to Solomon’s way of business administration, wisdom was the primary ingredient of his success. This made him one of the wealthiest men of his time aside from being known for his high calibrated wisdom. 

Today, there are many knowledgeable individuals, but eventually they lack wisdom that comes from God. It should not be surprising why many of them are only good at the starting point, but have never headed to a more desirable end in the long run.

Learn to understand the essential

The kind of knowledge we have on specific things today is either good or bad. Some of us might decide to invest in something with strong uncertainty that might be harder to sustain in the long run. That is not only going to blow our wealth away, but including our time and talent. As a result, many people ended up with insurmountable amount of debt due to bad investment and poor handling of their riches. Some also resulted to poverty due to their pride, acquiring things or material wealth that are not actually necessary or essential in living, but are only for the sole purpose of flaunting themselves for social recognition. These are just some specific examples how pure knowledge limits our chance to obtain our portion in the realm of abundance and prosperity. The list goes on and you can't actually fully initiate an efficient evaluation process if you are only relying on your knowledge. But you can assess this by understanding if there is a presence of good judgment in everything you do. Is there any hint of pride or greediness in what you are doing? What is your bottom line intention in everything you do? Remember, the kind of intention we have determines the success we will obtain in the future. It is our intention that is most likely to give us strength, hope and even courage to pursue our dreams. Above all, the kind of intention we have hinders our chance to experience wisdom. Our bad intention prevents us from the good judgment. A good intention on the other way around works for our advantage as wisdom eventually rules over us. Wisdom is proven right in our good judgment.


Today, God reminded us to commit to Him whatever we do so that our plans will succeed (Proverbs 16:3). Doing so will help us acquire good judgment, allowing the wisdom that comes from God to lead us to abundance, prosperity and success.

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