Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What It Takes To Have A Healthy Life?

by Arthelo Palma

What It Takes To Have A Healthy Life?

Feeling empty and dry? You might find it helpful to spend a little of your time reading this. This will help change the way you take a look at your life. So let me start this. When it comes to health, I just don't want to limit my idea right at the boundary of physical wellness. Health as I believe comes in all aspects of the human life. Here are the following important points we should understand what it means living a life in the pink of health.

Social Health

What I call social health is a state of well-being that makes somebody able to adjust with different attitudes, characters, people and personalities. People who get easily annoyed by someone else’s actuation must learn to improve their outlook in life. The Bible simply tells us what we should feel for our neighbors, and Jesus instructed everyone to have compassion for each other. The love should prevail and not hatred or any sort that deviates from having feeling of affection for our neighbors.

Emotional Health

Good emotional health on the other hand gives us maximum control of our emotions up to the highest level. Some people for instance are susceptible to get angry, even just for minor unexpected things or failure in meeting expectations. This is unhealthy. Although, anger is part of being human, it is designed for us not to commit sin, but to hate sin. God has given us the freedom to get mad, but it should be for use against every transgression that is detestable before Him. Just like Jesus, He hates sins, but has strong compassion for every sinner and lost soul. A sad reality might it be, but there are many people who are experiencing difficulty with their emotional instability. Some of them are full of hatred, pride, lust, poor self-esteem, no confidence, greedy, no contentment and joy, poor lifestyle and more. Name it. The list goes on. Many people are indeed having poor emotional health, leading to their detriments. Science is beginning to uncover evidences that these might be among the reasons that lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart troubles and more continue to be stronger plaguing the humanity, day by day. 

Intellectual Health

Many people are also intellectually challenged, for they hate the idea of learning many things. But they do not know learning is supposed to be a never-ending process in the human life. This is another remarkable indication of unhealthy life. A healthy life is a well-balanced life. People should also learn to invest in their minds, as it is essential.

Spiritual Health

Scarcity is unhealthy too. Financial concerns come to mind when there is mention about poverty. The poor gets poorer and rich richer - a vicious cycle and a sad reality that continues to harm many lives. This is evident across the entire world. But this principle does not only apply to financial concerns. Above anything, it applies to spiritual sphere. Many people are spiritually bankrupt in reality. They believe in God, but lack relationship with Him. In fact, the very manifestation of this is their lack of love for others and unwillingness to serve others. They have fear of eternal condemnation, but they keep on sinning without a repentant heart. In reality, they do not like the idea of change, as the innermost parts of their lives remain unchanged. As a result, those who continuously seek God and apply His principles in living become much more wiser everyday.

Remember, Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). This is a promise God wants to give to the entire humanity. However, only few people have finally understood the real meaning of it. For the majority, abundance is something measurable and visible to the naked eye, not understanding that what is actually essential is invisible to the eye. They do not understand that even a simple but genuine joy can lead to a more meaningful and healthy life in all aspects.

To God be all the glory!

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