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How To Increase Life Productivity?

how to increase life productivity
Just when I am in the mood for writing, a vast stretch of ideas will swiftly beat a path to my mind, switch around my creative thought, and that will be the time that I cannot help myself, but grab hold of my laptop, connect to the internet and just like anyone who can write, I start sharing a splendid thought to the whole world. Now here are some important tips on how to live a highly productive and balanced life.

1. Know the essential things you want 

This might sound hilarious, but there were many things I wanted to have in my life before, but I just ended up frustrated in achieving them. I am sure many of us are in the same situation today, but staying positive on top of frustrations or failures will obviously remind us that it is not yet too late to mend over a new leaf. Time is essential, so the earlier you recover from failure, the better. When I was in the second year of my college life, I had this sudden shift of mind that I wanted to become a medical doctor, but I ended up earning a degree in mathematics instead, and sooner in business. I started taking my Master in Business Administration right after I joined the tough competition in the corporate world. Such decision was to ensure my portion of the competitive advantage. To make the story short, I got what I wanted in the business realm, but strikingly was not that contented with it. So now I'm taking my PhD in Development Research and Administration. 

In economics, there is an assumption that people want to acquire more. I realized I was preoccupied before with many wants in life just to fulfill my desire for acquiring more for myself. I knew little that it was not my wants that will make me happier, but how much I can give to others. There might be no monetary or intrinsic value associated with this based on the utilitarian principle, but I find myself with joy in doing the things that I found before were not worth of my time, such as setting a little portion of my time for sharing the Word of God.

We have many wants in life. In fact, when people are asked what they want, many of them will usually find a hard time thinking about what they most fancy, because their minds are preoccupied with many things that they want to have. They ended up out of focus. Having no focus is something that leads us to not knowing where we are going, and so we might just end up somewhere else. Remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss. We therefore need to understand what we want to happen so that we will begin to initiate focus to a more meaningful and productive life. Since we want more, we might be oblivious about the reality that we momentarily have become greedy. Our greediness cannot guarantee us a happy and productive life because this makes us vulnerable to lose our focal point as we desire or want things more beyond what we are only supposed to have.  

2. Develop a productive hobby  

A pre-requisite in developing a productive hobby is to know what is it that we like to do especially in our idle or vacant time or while we might be technically lying in wait for nothing. I consider things as “positive obsessions” if we like to carry them out even if we will not generate income from them. By this, I am referring to productive whims that are not only for our own personal pleasure or gain, but in the long run we can find a significant link that most importantly benefits our future and the people around us.

Writing was not even a good idea for me before and I also hate the thought of disclosing what I can say about on certain things. When I learned I have this affinity for sharing my views to others as these might be able to help them too and not just to inform them, but to bring a dramatic change to their lives, I suddenly see myself taking the plunge into the vast stretch ocean of ideas, making out every opportunity to create a stunning piece of thought. After this, I casually receive heartfelt gratitude from friends and contacts while they tell me some ideas I shared offered them some great insights on how they might consider living their lives. (Thanks be to God for using me as a channel of blessing!)

I believe life is not unfair and there might be always numerous numbers of opportunities for each of us. Writing may not be the kind of productive hobby that everyone of us might find a good idea to start with, but I believe we can develop something we might unearth that is worthy of our most favorable time. These include reading (like the Bible), watching educational documentary films, solving math problems or cross-word puzzles and more. These things are the ones that can develop our attitude. According to John Maxwell, a well-developed attitude positively leads an individual to success.

When I regularly indulge myself in the luxury of developing ideas for my writing activity, my perspective about life has changed for the better. Considering writing in my case as a productive hobby is something I can hardly contest for now.     

3. Assess the level of enthusiasm you might place on things you want

Here is another important point I want to share with you. Practically speaking, some people ended up pushing themselves into something they might find having less enthusiasm. Circumstances have thought them that that move will be the right option for them to take to maximize their happiness. Are they really happy doing things they find themselves having less gusto just for the sake of maximizing what they can make out from an opportunity? You judge! 

We all have many wants, but not in all of them each of us develops strong zest and passion.

Successful people are those who creatively thought of simple yet impressive or novel ideas and made it possible because they love what they were doing. Life is not complex after all. We are just making it complicated though.

The brevity of life should make us recognize we should not waste a single moment of our days, as some best opportunities will come to us only once. So we should never waste our time on things that we find having less enthusiasm. We might not be able to know it that our time is up and only to find out we never fulfilled our purpose or carried out what we actually need and want to happen.

From a Christian point of view, there is no other much better way to a productive life, than to live in order to please God (1 Thessalonians 4:1). We should acknowledge Him in everything we do, by committing our plans to Him and they will succeed (Proverbs 16:3). Doing so, we will understand that the above tips I gave are all in line with God’s will for us.

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