Friday, November 30, 2012

How Could You Put Your Decision-Making Skill To The Test?

by Arthelo Palma

1 Samuel 5

How Could You Put Your Decision-Making Skill To The Test?

As a father, husband, teacher and church leader, I stand facing different things everyday and most of them would undertake to put my decision-making skill to the test.

There were times when I had to choose between two essential things, but circumstances would tell us that we need to pick the most priority. It is hard when we find ourselves in these situations, but today’s reading reminds us once again of the most essential move to do for each of us who believe in God.

David conquered Jerusalem and defeated the Philistines because he constantly inquired the Lord. The Lord provided David exact answers and even perfect instructions which led him to victory over the Philistines (verse 23).

Today, our enemies are not literally the Philistines, but in reality we face problems which would emphasize our attitude, character, external environment and various circumstances.

Some of us might find trouble or difficulty with time management, leading to a highly unproductive output at the end of the day. This is one of the man’s worst enemies concerning living a highly productive life with time. According to a Chinese proverb, ‘Time is Gold.’ This is true because the time we have today will always be unique and will never be the same tomorrow and there is associated value with each time that passes by, depending on how we make use of it. Are you making your time productive, as a way of putting value on it?

What I would want to emphasize is the point that we need to have wisdom in all we would want to do in life so it is important to inquire the Lord always, but how?

We need to read the Bible everyday so that our knowledge of God’s Word will grow. Inquiring the Lord is praying and taking into consideration all the instructions He commanded us to carry out. Then we will be able to understand and apply His working principles that will never fail. Just like David, inquiring the Lord will lead us not to failure, but success. 

God’s message:

One essential secret to victory over our enemies and life’s battles is to remain consistent in inquiring the Lord.

God’s promise:

Victory over our enemies and life’s battles is God’s ultimate promise for us.

God’s command:

Always inquire the Lord at all times especially if it concerns about making a highly notable decision.

God’s warning:

There is associated risk on our part for not inquiring the Lord.


Always go back to God’s Word and working principles to inquire Him concerning our moves.


Father in Heaven, Creator of all things, thank You once again for reminding us to inquire You especially when we are about to make important decisions. Help us learn more about Your working principles so that in times of needs, we can always remember the things You would want us to do. We can respond positively to whatever challenges or enemies we will be facing. Help us to have courage, zest and passion to read and mediate on Your Word everyday. This we ask and pray, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen! 

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