Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How Good Relationship Brings Us Forward To Success?

by Arthelo Palma

1 Samuel 20

How Good Relationship Brings Us Forward To Success?

I am reminded that many people would just pray and call on God because they have needs they should discuss with Him. Some of these needs might concern life and death situations, but some of us might seldom pray for an increase of faith in God and for a strong relationship with Him. Sad to say, many people are calling on God not about building a close and strong relationship with Him, but because they feel that God can give them something once they pray.

People who are doing this do not yet fully know the truth about God.  They end up having abstract understanding about the God they must serve.

As the Lord was processing David’s life for his future advancement in God’s kingdom, he faced life-and-death situation at the hands of Saul, but God delivered him from him. What was his secret?

David, who stood on the truth about God, received divine protection and for another time God spared his life from the hands of Saul.

Jonathan, the son of Saul stood as David’s informant. With Jonathan’s close friendship with David, he could not simply allow his father to kill his friend, as he knew the Lord was with David (verse 15). This passage in the bible reveals us how Jonathan became loyal to God’s plan. Just like David, Jonathan's genuine loyalty was only made possible when he stood on the truth about God.

God’s message:

Everyone must face God’s way of processing His people in order to prepare them and their heart for God’s service, but this requires loyalty that could only be made possible by building a good relationship with Him, which is rooted from knowing the truth about Him.

God’s promise:

God’s plan for our lives prevails.

God’s command:

Continue to live in good relationship with God and go on with the process He intends for everyone who decides to follow His ways.

God’s warning:

Without having close relationship with God, there is no assurance that we can be saved from our enemies, as we do not fully understand the truth about Him in our life. He is the author of truth. Deceptions come in when we do not have in us the truth about God, so we are vulnerable to fail and even to end up with troubles.


Father in Heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, it is our prayer to increase our relationship with You because it is all what we need. You said in your word that we need to seek Your Kingdom first and Your righteousness and all things we need will only be added to us. Thank you for this promise, so we are asking for your grace to increase our faith in You and help us work out our relationship with You daily, for we want to grow and be part of your great plan for mankind. This we ask and pray in the name of Jesus Christ, who reigns with us, now and forever. Amen!  

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