Monday, November 12, 2012

Internet Marketing

by Arthelo Palma

Internet MarketingGod allows us to explore opportunities to earn a decent living to the full today.

The age of modern and advanced information and technology, fast-speed internet and broadband connections and wifi zones have become vital parts of people’s daily lives. To cite an instance, the existence of smartphones, advanced communication gadgets and social networking media or platforms that have their vibrant dominance on people’s daily interactions, create a need and reason for individuals to stay connected live via internet.

Marketing people find this as good and sound opportunity to acquire maximum exposure for their product and service offerings. As the number of target prospective customers at any time would come across different websites rose in an upward spiral, marketing nowadays has become made easy and intensely competitive for online implementation.

There are many opportunities found on the internet and so competition arises, as every marketer looks forward to obtain competitive advantage. In order to compete, product and service offerings should have promotion to the fullest. However, with many information and contents flooded throughout the internet, marketers should learn to optimize traffic for their created subjects on a web page and take into account some simple rules when doing marketing activity online.

First, marketers should understand that just like conventional marketing, the online marketing activity is also for the achievement of competitive advantage, which is all for the means of achieving competition’s top front and increasing market share. It has become a normal activity for each key player in the competition to observe each other’s move. Nothing is new when doing it online, the same principle could apply. Despite of this, for internet marketing the key to this competitive advantage is the right use of keywords or key phrases, which should come to an overpowering performance. It is on the use of the right words a web page could acquire astounding traffic. Knowing this, it seems tempting to believe in the scheme to over emphasize words or phrases on any online content to create extra traffic for a website. Marketer should understand it is not going to be a good idea to add excessive keywords or key phrases to a web page, a term called keyword spamming. Competitors could actually report a web page with excessive keywords or key phrases for spamming. For internet marketing, keyword spamming could do harm rather than good.

Another point is to increase value of a web page through building and keeping positive reputation, a specific move that has become integral component of reputation management. One way to increase the value of a website is to have high traffic and usability for it. A web page should keep people coming for a visit and this could only be made possible through building a positive reputation at all times. There should always be high value for visitors by meeting their needs, which in the long run could allow them to give an impression of a positive instead of a negative feedback for a website. This is one of the elemental goals of reputation management.  

It is also essential to understand marketers should follow rules and guidelines of search engines. Search engines are the ultimate partners of marketers as these are mostly the first sites people consult for different searches and information. When Google emancipated Google Penguin on 12th of April 2012, websites could be dropped off in their search engine rankings on the ground of violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines including but not limited to duplicating content, taking part in link schemes, cloaking, stuffing and many other related infringement cases.

In addition, another way to increase visibility of a site and its page rank on various search engines is to bring into play certain technique of using links that would point from another website to a page on marketer’s actual site. These links are called backlinks. They are usually placed on a website with high traffic activity, increasing the chance of a less visited site to search out high exposure.

Understanding these simple tips could actually help marketers employ more traffic to their sites for optimum internet marketing activity and exposure. 

photo credit: Bruce Clay, Inc via Flickr cc MORE MARKETING IDEAS HERE>>
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