Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Devotional - Second Page

My Devotional - Second Page

The wellspring of life What do your thoughts, words and actions reveal about you? Read more>>

The best way to kill your self People full of pride are vulnerable to anger, greed and emotional instability. Want to know more about this? Read more>>

Wait, you need to haul out strength Situating yourself in a relaxation mode is not enough to completely regain your strength. What you need to do? Read more>>

All things work together for our good Responding to circumstances or situations coming your way will need your understanding of the real principle behind why you are seeing them.  Read more>>

Let us be realistic, we need to face our real enemies Unless the enemies within us remain undefeated, we will continue to live a life of insecurity, full of fear, hatred and with only superficial joy. All you need to do is decide to beat them.  Read more>>

The secret to a victorious life's battle We all have battles to crush, but we will never know our opponents unless we try to figure them out. Learn more about our real enemies  Read more>>

We reap what we sow, a vital principle to success If you are looking forward to set up a better future, then you need to learn more about this timeless principle.  Read more>>

The secret to acquiring abundant blessings Acquiring blessings in abundance is easy, but it would take courage for you to do the secret. What's the secret? Read more>>

Love is the answer Why Jesus nailed it when He said we have to love our enemy? Read more>>

A short answer In all we need to inquire, we want answers. But knowing the right answer is essential. How?  Read more>>

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photo credit: Jemimus via Flickr cc
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