Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Devotional

My Devotional

How To Win Our Battles? The secret to our success in everything we do and especially in every battle we face is to inquire the Lord. To know how to effectively do it, please read on. Read more>>

In The Rage Of Typhoon The rage of Pablo and other typhoons speaks a special message to each one of us. Find out how you might have been ravaged without your knowing. Read more>>

All Things Work Together For Good To Those Who Are Called By God One’s faith is tested when there seems to be no victory. If God calls you, then learn more about this principle.  Read more>>

Our Only Hope God’s mercy for the people works through the mediation that Christ did for mankind.  Read more>>

When All You Need Is Love God defines love differently from how we termed it, and this is the reason humanity is in uproar. Find out why.  Read more>>

When Trust In Our Self Is Not Enough We heard we need to trust our self, but would this be enough to plunge us deeper into success?  Read more>>

Thy Words Be Done Integrity is more than money can buy, and so a man who gives his words to fulfill them finds his way to success. Why?  Read more>>

Live A Pride-Free Life, Another Principle To Victorious Living You might not have noticed it, but your pride is tormenting your life. What pride can do that you need to be free from this emotional bondage and poverty? Read more>>

Good Response Leads To Good Results Do you want to have more? There’s a principle you need to learn to pull off and bring in your desire. Read more>>

What Is The Key To Living A Fruitful Life? If you are a man who wants to live a fruitful life, then you need to make out the key to it.  Read more>>

How Could You Put Your Decision-Making Skill To The Test? A logical man needs to decide. But how could we warrant crafting good decisions?  Read more>>

How To Live Life With Full-Blown Calmness? Staying calm and relax is hard for us to do especially if we are under pressure. But it’s possible if you’ll know the principle linked with it.  Read more>>

The Peril Of Retaliation It’s not a good lifestyle to put revenge in our hands. It will do no good to us.  Read more>>

The Victory Behind Giving Up Do you struggle to achieve life of abundance and prosperity due to bad habit, poor attitude and character? If yes, Read more>>

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