Tuesday, November 13, 2012


by Arthelo Palma

1 Samuel 19

Our pastor once told us, in the play board game of chess there is nothing wrong about moving backward with the opponent’s offensive attack, but it must be considered an opportunity to be much prepared for a probable hit back to the opponent. I agree with what he said, and it is the same thing David did when his life was in danger with Saul’s evil intent and selfish motives. But there is something special when David ran away. His intention was not to hit back, but it was about running for his life, as he was prepared for God’s timing to stand in the midst of his life. It was a way of God’s giving him the protection and deliverance from Saul. God just simply spared David’s life by using his wife and Jonathan, both Saul’s children, to inform him of Saul's evil plots against him.

Today, you might be running away from troubles of the past, bad consequences, extreme poverty in some aspects of life (social, emotional, physical, financial, intellectual, spiritual), and other related personal problems, but God wants us to know that He is willing to help and protect us whom He has chosen for a special plan.

Remember, David was anointed and prepared to become Israel’s next king. Starting from the day God anointed him to be king; the Spirit of the Lord was with him. Whatever evil intent Saul would want to implement against David, everything was just placed in vain. David was God’s chosen one to reign in Israel. Nobody could therefore hinder the plan of God.

God’s message:

God spares the lives of His people especially those who are anointed to serve Him.

God’s promise:

Protection and deliverance from the enemies are God’s offered privileges for His chosen people.

God’s command:

Starting today, God wants us to develop a strong relationship with Him so that we can always guarantee He is with us, and not against us.

God’s warning:

People who do not have God’s divine providence cannot hear His words and are susceptible to destructions.


Starting today, we have to live a more meaningful life with God by strengthening our relationship with Him through our intense devotion and reverence for the power of His Words. We just need to silence our heart and listen to what He would want to say to us.


Lord, thank You that as You bless Your Word, this will equip us to become Your worthy servant. This we ask and pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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