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There Is Power In Your Words

The greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal itself – and that force is influenced by the belief system which can translate expectations into physiological change. –Norman Cousins

There Is Power In Your Words
A word from someone else may make or break our day. A simple ‘thank you’ from somebody might inspire you to achieve a more meaningful and productive output for the whole day. A demeaning word on the other hand might force you to retaliate in anger and so on.

Words have power. They can do everything for us, to be successful, healthy and to live a life abounding with abundance and prosperity. So here are some illustrations to put in view of the power in the words we use.

Words can induce motivation

I come across this experiment below and you might want to try it with someone else. 

“The power of words to impact our bodies can be seen in a simple experiment using muscle testing. Ask a person to hold his arm straight out in front of her. Then ask her to resist while you push down on the arm. This will give you a baseline strength. Next, have the participant say out loud three times, ‘I am a weak and unworthy person.’ Now, test the arm again and you will find that it has weakened. Have the person repeat, ‘I am a strong and worthy person,’ and the arm will return to its original strength” (Bloch & Merritt, 2003, p.70).

I have been into sales and marketing activities and among the important things I find it essential to ensure achievement of sales quota are encouraging words from a sales supervisor or manager. These words may not have potential monetary value, but I am sure there is something in them that I find capable to surge a salesperson’s morale, leading to the cohesiveness in team’s plans and actions that eventually will lead to the achievement of target goals.

I realized I do not even need to threaten my child with strong coercive words and a rod just to make sure of her obedience, but the powerful and forceful encouraging words usually work most of the time. My wife and I normally have a problem how to deal with our four-year old daughter’s appetite and good table etiquette. As a child, my daughter always fancies of being a grown up. So my usual words would be like this, ‘Do you want to be like Peter, a big one in your class?’ Then I would start seeing a positive approval on her countenance and would reinforce it with these words, ‘then go eat as much as you can and drink your milk.’ Sometimes, I would utter challenging words for her to beat me, and then I would eat as fast as I can and the result is very promising. I am compelled to believe, though I may not be a perfect father (but of course aiming to be one), my daughter in most cases has been transformed with the use of positive words.    

Words can heal

Based on scientific point of view, words are a form of energy and the vibration quality of them may have potential or significant impact. An interesting research shows how the words like ‘love’ and ‘wisdom’ when literally spoken to liquid water then frozen created the formation of beautiful ice crystals, but words like ‘you fool’ and ‘you’re an idiot’ created poorly organized ice crystals (Miller, 2010, p.25). This is not by chance or accident that words pertaining to ‘love’ and ‘wisdom’ are what we would want to hear most of the time and they are actually created with good sound vibrations in them once uttered. As a result, these words could calm us and give us hope or courage to move on with our lives.

Studies also show that positive words used by health care providers have direct impact on patient’s health, as they give hope and raise a positive healing process (Miller, 2010, p.25).

Positive words can make us happy. Once a person stays positively happy in life, the immune system level continues to rise at a higher level, increasing the odds of an individual to stay in the pink of health. In fact, those who constantly worry are prone to acquire startling illnesses, including but not limited to cancer, hypertension, other lifestyle diseases and more.


There are many encouraging words I heard daily, but there is only one ultimate source of all of them, the Bible. I learned though not all, many things from philosophy, science, business and other areas in the body of knowledge, but there is no other more powerful words than the basic principles of God, which can be unearthed from His Words.

Truly, as Jesus Christ said, "man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4). God does not literally speak to us in an audible voice, but reading and meditating on His Words, day and night, is the only means we would be genuinely hearing His message, promise, command and warning that are supposed to encourage and guide us, make us happy and heal us.

We may be hearing positive or encouraging words from this world, but some of them may be out of greediness, indicating the absence of love. With God’s Words, we can be rest assured everything would be founded by His unfathomable compassion and great love for the humanity..

So always speak the Words that come from the mouth of God, for in them there is power, there is life.

photo credit: CarbonNYC via Flickr cc


Bloch, D., & Merritt, J. (2003). The Power of Positive Talk: Words to Help Every Child Succeed. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing. 

Miller, N. (2010). The Butterfly Effect: Transforming One Person at a Time, Volume 1. Pittsburgh, PA: Dorrance Publishing. _______________________________________________________________________________

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