Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In The Rage Of Typhoon

2 Samuel 16

typhoon Pablo
Mindanao, Philippines – On December 4, 2012, the ravaging typhoon Pablo (Typhoon Bopa) made a landfall before the break of dawn. Prior to the landfall, President Benigno Aquino III appeared before the media and appealed for public vigilance concerning the imminent danger from typhoon Pablo, which was expected to bring heavy rainfall and accelerate with a gusty wind of up to 200 kph, stronger than storm Sendong which was also reported to have ravaged lives and properties last year

Today, the number of deaths, missing people and damages brought by the storm Pablo continues to rise in an upward spiral, as the media coverage have put out isolated areas in the province.

Based on the latest headline, there were 650 deaths reported and the number is expected to rise as retrieval operations continue.  

in the rage of typhoon
I saw from the latest broadcast houses completely destroyed, massive landslides, and community vanished from desolating flash floods. Affected people were starving. Donations and relief goods are coming but not that enough to supply the actual needs created by the aftermath of Pablo’s fury.

Just imagine your self completely trapped in the midst of these situations. Physical pain should be remarkable, but we cannot deny the fact that as human as we are, emotional pain should prevail and so we would need comfort.

the aftermath of typhoon
The rage of Pablo is just a mirror of different typhoons we faced in our life’s different aspects [social, emotional, physical, intellectual, financial, and spiritual]. Some of us might still on the process of healing from a broken relationship. Others would want complete restoration brought by various emotional discomforts and pains. Some of us are completely struggling from various illnesses or horrible reports from the doctor concerning medical conditions. Other people who are intellectually challenged have low self-esteem. Financially challenged people are trying to overcome their financial needs on a daily basis just to make both ends meet. Then for us Christians, the test of faith continues, allowing us to trust in God alone.

In today’s reading, I felt the kind of emotional discomfort and pain David must have sensed the moment his son betrayed him and competed with him for the crown. David must then have to face the option to run for his life again, and even receive sulking insults (verses 7-8). But in situation like this when David realized he had no control of everything, he remained trusting the Lord and expecting that God will do something for him (verse 12), the key to David's success.   

God’s message:

In situations that there seem to be no control in our part, waiting for God’s way is the most essential action to do (verse 12).

God’s promise:

God would want to assure us of the fact that He is in control of everything.

God’s command:

Never focus on troubles that we might have right now and which we do not have control at all, but on what the Lord will do for us. Just wait for Him. He will never be late as He is on time.

God’s warning:

Distress will come to those who do not completely put their trust in the Lord.


Make it a lifestyle not to be apprehensive of everything by trusting the Lord at all times, and believing that He controls everything.


Father in Heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, thank You that as we receive Your Word today, comfort will abound in our life and we will realize that the secret to living a life free from distress is to trust everything in You, because You always have control of everything. This we ask and pray, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen! 

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