Monday, December 3, 2012

Live A Pride-Free Life - Another Principle To Victorious Living

2 Samuel 8

Live A Pride-Free Life - Another Principle To Victorious LivingLet us try to look at the bottom line. What gives you strength or confidence to do well in whatever you do? To whom do you most probably dedicate it? One more thing. Are those making you succeed, which you relied on, sustainable enough?

We might think we have been successful in SOME (which means not all) aspects of life - perhaps either in financial, physical, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual or some combinations, but not probably all. Now think again. Do you really have them all? Even the richest (financially) man on earth still needs to be successful at the other sides of life. What do you think is the reason why until now some of us have not been successful in conquering or taking control of our emotions and insecurities even though we might have been blessed with intellect or physical attractiveness? Why do you think there is still void or emptiness inside to some of us even though we all have the financial freedom? Why others remain having no pure joy even though it has been a long while they have been serving the Lord? There are many questions we need to ask ourselves as far as there are many things we need to do if we would want to live a life with pure or real joy that truly comes from God.

We need to inquire these questions, but we should not fail to spot ourselves and ask, “Do I always have time dedicating to the Lord everything I have and got hold of?”

We know from our previous meditations that David was pure in heart and consistent in obeying the Lord that led him to victory. However, there is another point we need to learn behind his triumph, which God reveals in today's reading. 

The Secret!

David dedicated to the Lord the precious things he acquired from all the battles he won (verse 11), which was a perfect manifestation of humility and reverence before the Lord.

Are we dedicating to the Lord our skills, strengths, talents and whatever achievements or accomplishments we might have, or are we receiving all glory and honor while believing that our own capacity brings us to where we are now? If we are so self-centered, then we should not be amazed why we have been struggling hard enough with the pride of life, leading us to a highly complicated living with absolute absence of indisputable joy that truly comes from God.

I tell you. Your strength comes from God. Yes, even the wisdom or knowledge we acquire, and all the material possessions we have, requiring us to bring all glory and honor to be for Him alone.

Our God is an all-knowing God. He blessed David because He knew his heart. He gave David victory because He knew his heart, one that was committed to give Him genuine praise and worship. As a result, David’s confidence was remarkable, heading him to victory over his battles over his enemies, because he was able to set everything for God’s glory.

God’s message:

The Lord gives amazing victory to those who dedicate their success to Him.

God’s promise:

God wants to give victory to those who want to please Him by giving back the glory and honor to Him.

God’s command:

Please the Lord at all times by doing exactly what He would want us to do for His glory and honor.

God’s warning:

Never take the glory and honor from all success and victory we might have got into for they belong to the Lord alone. Live a life that is entirely free from the bondage of pride.


Learn to always dedicate all things to the Lord especially those what we obtained or might have acquired for now.


Father in Heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the powerful Living God, thank You for making us worthy to receive Your Word today. In hearing Your Word, bless our heart that You will destroy everything that will hinder us from listening to Your voice. We renounce them all in the name of Your Son Jesus.  Thank You Lord for helping us destroy the pride of life that is detestable before You. Many people are suffering and living a tormented life because of pride. Help them Father. As we heard Your Word today, harden not our heart. Help us make it a lifestyle that at all times, we will dedicate our accomplishments to You for Your glory and honor. This we ask and pray, in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

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