Monday, December 3, 2012

Good Response Leads To Good Results

by Arthelo Palma

2 Samuel 7

Good Response Leads To Good Results

When our boss compliments us with a job well done, we are most probably receiving something more. First, we would become motivated. The opportunity for career advancement is imminent. Consider all of these to give us the joy we desire, but understand that you have done something good, perhaps a good response to what the boss would want you to perform. You might have responded enough well, and so you reap what you deserve. From a Christian perspective, we call all of these blessings, neither luck nor fortune!

In today’s reading, the Lord speaks of blessings to David for the future of his kingdom.

There is one important point that we need to learn from this reading and that is to understand why the Lord speaks of blessings to David. The key is to understand David’s response to God’s call.

First, David was God’s anointed to stand as king over Israel, and so he remained careful not to throw away this privilege.

Second, David’s heart was pure before the Lord.

Third, David deliberately obeyed the Lord and humbled down before Him.

God’s message:

The Lord speaks of blessings to those who deliberately obey and are pure in heart before Him.

God’s promise:

Lord’s promise for His obedient people is abundance which includes rest from enemies.

God’s command:

Just deliberately obey the Lord at all times.

God’s warning:

Those who do wrong will be punished (verse 14).  


Let us evaluate ourselves if we are still humble to obey God and pure in heart before Him.


Father in Heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, thank You Father for giving us another chance to hear and listen to Your Word. It is Your desire for us to speak blessings for our good, but the problem is in us. Sometimes we do not want to receive blessings because we might have deliberately disobeyed You and not pure in heart before You. Today, help us to obey You more. Give us Your grace by making our heart to obey You, no matter what it costs us, but we believe that You will never leave us nor forsake us, so with all the confidence, we surrender and entrust everything to You. This we ask and pray, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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