Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bid Goodbye To ‘New Year’s Resolution,’ Just Start The Year RIGHT!

by Arthelo Palma

Bid Goodbye To ‘New Year’s Resolution,’ Just Start The Year RIGHT!This is my first article in 2013 designed to help those who constantly visit my blog to start their year right.

Just bear in mind that you must have goals to achieve this year, but you are not oblivious of the fact that there are challenges perching on the way prior to achieving them.

You might want to earn more cash this year, but you need to beat being too lazy to start your day right. In other words, you need to set priorities, improve self-discipline, change your lifestyle and start living a life without delay and procrastination – do these everyday, this would require our unwavering endurance though. Remember, some opportunities are lost when a man deliberately delays or procrastinates.   

You might want to improve your health, so you better consider the foods to eat and thoughts to feed your mind, encourage yourself to go through physical exercise, and best of all, try to start anew chance living under the uncontested and impeccable principles of God.  
I would like to emphasize the great promise Jesus Christ gives to those who believe and accept Him as personal Savior. In John 10:10b, Jesus clearly points out that He came for us to receive abundant life, in all areas. Prior to this, He saw people are harassed and helpless (Matthew 9:36). This is a remarkable upshot of Satan’s ministry, to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10a). Satan would try to lead God’s people to temptations. This is to steal the good plan that God has in stored for them. Therefore, it is the incapability to overcome Satan’s temptation that would hold back all Christians to experience Jesus Christ’s promise of abundant life (in all areas). However, God would not relent until we become perfect in our faith, and so He persistently offering a way out for us by giving us the chance to use our mind, our free will and our body to resist Satan’s temptations (Genesis 39:8-10).

According to Bertram Lim, the best ways to overcome temptations that I am sure would lead us to abundance should involve our mind, our free will and our body. I would expound each of these responses in my next article.

For the mean time, just consider that the success of our life in 2013 would depend on our level of response to God’s ultimate plan for us. Thus, know God’s plan for your life, the best way to start your whole year right.

If you are interested to read the introductory content of my article on how to overcome temptation, please follow this link "How to overcome temptation - An Introduction." 

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