Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How To Overcome Temptation - Run

by Arthelo Palma

How To Overcome Temptation - Run

When reasoning out and refusing Satan seem not to work and would be far from our control, how should we now respond to temptation? The third point is act in response to it by using our BODY (Lim, 1990).  

In the game of chess, to run off opponent’s attack is not cowardice, but could help lead to victory, and sometimes the same principle applies to spiritual realm.

Potiphar’s wife was determined to convince Joseph to sleep with her, and she meant it. In the same way, Satan is so gritty that he normally creates a trail with enticing package just to completely ensnare a Christian to sinning, and so just like Potiphar’s wife he completely stands for it. Satan would take advantage of the human’s weak flesh, but God’s grace is sufficient for us because He designs the human body that is capable of opposing thoughts, desires, needs and wants that are purely evil. We can see this in the life of Joseph when his last final blow, because Satan would not listen to his reason and snub response, was to run out of the house, away from Potiphar’s wife’s ultimate bluster (Genesis 39:12). In other words, Joseph managed to run out of Satan’s control.   

However, Satan would still not relent Joseph so he accused him of things he was not guilty (Genesis 39:14). In fact, it is Satan’s ministry to accuse God’s people, but thanks to the redeeming works of Jesus Christ on the cross, that those who believe and accept Him in their life would be free from Satan’s ultimate control. Now, those who receive Jesus Christ could freely run, as an option aside from reasoning out and refusing the moment temptations would hurry after them.

The Words of Jesus are like water that cleanses us, particularly the mind in order to clearly see God’s elemental vision He orchestrates for mankind. Upon hearing His Words, Christians would be strengthened to say no to sinning, and so aside from their mind and free will, they could include their body to firmly stand against Satan’s plot. Disciplining the body would arise.

Others’ weakness might be about being undiscipline when it comes to diet and their lifestyle. Thus, the moment they hear Jesus’ Words, they would begin to control their eyes, keep their mind open to the Word of God, hurry to other alternatives and course of actions and begin to develop a pleasant response. Some Christians would start to learn more about Daniel’s diet, consult a dietician, and engage in a regular bodily check up and exercise to stay in the pink of health. In other words, they managed to run out of Satan’s control.

There are some particular vices that are hard for some Christians to give up, as they grapple with addictions and struggle to run out of them. Addiction is not just about excessive smoking or taking drugs but it could be in many forms for as long as they exactly would deal about the issue of mental disorder associated with self-control. Addiction could be about thinking too much of sεx, leading to unsatisfied sεx life resulting to searching for that satisfaction even outside the bound of marriage. Addiction could also be in a form of being too obsess with the comforts of life, leading some people to becoming lazy or relying too much on material things with obssessive desire for them. However, if conviction starts to grow inside the heart of a Christian who is most vulnerable to be tempted by Satan through addictions, that man would begin to manage to repair that something wrong in his system. Some Christians managed to see psychiatrists or spiritual counselors to repair and completely heal the damage that Satan has brought to their mind, body and soul. In other words, they managed to run out of Satan’s control.

If some Christians’ strong hold or ultimate weakness is watching p0rn0graphic films or reading er0tic and lǔstfǔl articles, they would begin to ward themselves off p0rn0graphic materials and start exercising not to be alone just to gratify their lǔstfǔl desires. Attempting to do this would mark the beginning of the development of good characters that God would want to implant in a Christian life. Upon seeing some of these good characters being developed in some of those Christians who have been enslaved by the evil from the past, we could say that these people have finally managed to run out of Satan’s control.

So the next time Satan would lure you to sinning, but it seems to reason out with him and refuse his offer would not work, just use your body and manage to run, for surely this will lead you to victory.

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Lim, B. (1990). Bible study guides. Manila: OMF Literature Inc. 

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