Sunday, February 17, 2013

How Hobbies Can Bring You Riches? – A Christian Standpoint To Financial Freedom

by Arthelo Palma

The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it. - Proverbs 10:22

How Hobbies Could Bring You To Riches?

One of the reasons many people grapple with stress daily is because they no longer have fun with what they do. They simply would want to push themselves, even to the limit, knowing that if they do not work, they will receive no earning at the end of the day and fail to direct their needs. However, it is possible that we can earn without any added troubles to it, so here are some nuggets of wisdom on how we can earn and obtain financial freedom by not shoving oneself to the edge.

Earn with joy

I heard many people to have successfully created wealth out of their potential hobbies. There are many success stories about finding wealth that started from a very humble inception with a basic foundation of having a lot of fun in doing it.

I have a friend whose hobby is to bake, and now he earns a living on it and acquires more potential customers daily. As a result, he finds financial security in what he does. 

There is also a story from an acquaintance pal. Her business started to go sky-high not because she would want to earn from it at the start, but she just wanted to keep her personal thrill on how her flower garden would flourish to its vibrant dominant colors. Now it is her main business to attend to various clients for her landscaping career. The joy of what she does marks on her face.

There is also a friend in college who delighted in helping others feel good about themselves. She is a make-up artist by heart, and successfully develops that passion when she starts to receive regular clients. Prior to becoming more serious with this business, she started with her close friends and began to receive positive approval on her God-given gift of dexterity with make up. Now she earns with all gladness she could possibly define.

There are also many people who earned substantial amount of riches (literally money) because they would really love to write. Most of them have the affinity for writing, creating ideas and exploring thoughts. All of these are potential hobbies that once successfully maximized will guarantee earning in the future. The secret is all in the passion for making words to come into its vibrant life. This seems to flow together with the up support of the trend of transforming writing as extremely sophisticated nowadays, as the dynamic changes of lifestyle turn into an upward spiral. As a result, prolific and insightful writers find the comfort in financial freedom they deserve while they remain in their haven where they have total control over their time.

So, what are your God-given gifts or talents that you could turn into productive hobbies for God's glory?

When there is joy, there is wealth     

Understand therefore that when there is joy in what we do, expect that wealth is in the offing. Everyone of us is unique and different, and we are supposed to shine in our own personal way, as what God intends to all His creations. With the provision of God's grace, the secret is about finding the joy in everything we do. Remember that it is possible to gain wealth, for God's glory with no added troubles to it, which could be a very essential secret to a promising financial future.

photo credit: saint-gobain abrasives, sweden via Flickr cc MORE IDEAS HERE>>
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