Thursday, February 21, 2013

How To Claim God’s Promises?

by Arthelo Palma

How To Claim God's Promises
Based on 1 Chronicles 17

As a father, I observe one thing that fascinates my 5-year old daughter is to hear my promises or take my word so that she could use them to her advantage. I enjoyed such behavior because it has always been my pleasure to grant the desire of her heart for as long as it is for her own good. This totally reminds me of a real Christian life.  

One important experience that every Christian should live through is to receive God’s promises. God’s word for us should give us the courage to go on with our faith in Him and eventually a wonderful Christian life. In the life of David, God’s promises for his future gave him the nerve to establish God’s kingdom and to doggedly stand as the appointed shepherd for the Israelites (God’s people).

We may be experiencing different or varying circumstances today, good or bad, but if we truly remain FAITHFUL or OBEDIENT to the Lord we can always claim His promises for us because it is His characteristic to never break His covenant with His people (1 Chronicles 16:15). It certainly gives us the courage to ask and tell Him the condition and desire of our heart. As we know that we are able to establish a closer relationship with Him, we end up having great confidence in Him because we come to know Him better.

God’ message:

The promises of God give us the courage to pray to Him and go on with our walk with Him.

God’s promise:

God is always willing to give us courage to go on with our walk with Him, day by day as He constantly renews our strength for us to receive His promises.

God’s command:

Be obedient, then learn to believe and trust in God’s promises.

God’s warning:

Discouragements may abound to those who do not give enough trust in God’s given promises. 


One vital secret to a happy life each day is to acquire courage from God’s promises. We just have to receive Jesus Christ and live the kind of life He wants for us. Read the Bible to find out how Jesus Christ would want us to live the moment we accept and allow Him to live in us, so that God’s promises may successfully thrive in us.  


Father in Heaven, teach us to become more obedient in Your Words so that we will all have the confidence in claiming Your given promises for us Your people. Help us understand more that as we receive Jesus Christ and live the kind of life He wants us to live through, receiving Your promises is already guaranteed. This we ask and pray, in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son and our Lord. Amen! 

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