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Parenting Success Ideas, The Key To A Productive Life Of The Country

Parenting Success Ideas, The Key To A Productive Life Of The CountryThis is a true story. I see and hear everything about it. I have a friend, a father like me, but his parents were too irresponsible in the past, raising him in the midst of showing less love for each other. Because of this upbringing my friend might be unconscious of the fact that he has just substantially copied everything how his father would negatively conduct himself before his mother and the entire family. Now, he too could barely provide for his family, everything from financial and down to the very most essential, which is love. The upshot of this event is evident to the lost of interest of his wife for him, the same scenario which exactly happened between his parents. I could say that history repeats itself for this poor pal, at some point.

How many families are like this today? Imagine if the son of my friend would do the same in the future and replicate the same thing before his family or wife and children? The chain of curse will probably never stop and continue with its infinite loop. The same thing would probably happen if lazy parents raise a child. They would probably raise more lazy people in the future. What could we expect to happen in our future generation? Do not blame the government if there are still many poor [in every aspect] people around. Instead, we have to learn to evaluate ourselves if there are personal things that hinder us to move forward to success aside from the prevailing corruption and exploitation everywhere. We should not busy ourselves criticizing others. Instead, we need to learn to evaluate ourselves from time to time. I believe that this could help us trace something down to its root cause, which will pave a way for us to look for an ultimate solution.

The probable root

Our parents are the first influential people in our lives. Our characters could mirror the ones they showed in raising us. They gave us the very basic input about living. How they conduct themselves before their kids could stand as a significant predictor of the child’s future behavioral problems. In psychology, a negative parent-child interaction shows evidence that it could be a simple mechanism of a child’s future behavioral problems (Crockenberg, Leerkes & Lekka, 2007). If applied in the general context, this study could imply that whatever parents show to their kids, there is a great chance that this will not lead to vanity, as there could be potential replication at some point in the future.

The long-term solution

I always love the way Jesus teaches us in parable. His story of the foolish and wise builder provides us the foundation how we should establish our life in this world (Matthew 7:24-29). I believe that the parable applies to every aspect of life. Aside from my personal faith, I stand firm to apply it as a vital parenting principle. In order to establish a family that would last and endure even in the midst of hardship, the essential foundation should be the words of Jesus, which have the completeness of love. The entire ministry of Jesus was simply about the propagation of essential truth founded by love.  However, not everyone hears and understands what Jesus would want us to do for our own good. As a result, not everyone would have the foundation of the ultimate truth. Then what the result of this would look like? Broken families are everywhere. Wrong principles motivated by greed, pride and lust are scattering around us. Poor characters and weak attitudes continue to prevail in many lives that potentially stand as barriers to the achievement of success.

For us parents, we have to decide now if we are still willing to pass on our negative attitudes and characters and wrong principles to our kids. Before your decision to which way to follow, allow me to give you a simple hint. Our children are better at absorbing everything we show them especially in their young age. If you love them enough, then show them the best way to their future today.    

By seeing myriads of parenting failures everywhere, I am strongly convinced of the truth behind the story of the wise and the foolish builder. Sad to say, not everyone would love to learn more about Jesus Christ and His teachings about how we should live our lives. However, there is still chance to start things right for many of us. I encourage you to study more about the life of Jesus, learn from His principles and have time to apply them with your parenting skills and above all, your personal life.   


Crockenberg, S. C., Leerkes, E. M., & Lekka, S. K. (2007). Pathways from marital aggression to infant emotion regulation: The development of withdrawal in infancy. Infant Behavior and Development, 30(1), 97-113.  

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