Thursday, May 2, 2013

Procrastination Is A Sin, Overcome It If You Want Success!

Procrastination Is A Sin, Overcome It If You Want Success!
I like the thought that most Japanese I know would spend money in a way that they have already worked hard for it in the past or the previous days. Sad to say, those people who live in debt will have to work harder in the future for all what they must have spent today. I am giving this as a preliminary example, but the same principle like this on the other remaining areas of your life applies.

Doing nothing with your mental health now will always lead you to become poor and dull as you will be exposed to intense decision-making and thought-provoking activities in the future. Delaying to work on your mental-related problems today will make it more difficult for you to sustain a better life in the future.

If you do nothing with your emotional health today, it will make you become vulnerable to pride of life, lust of the flesh and lust of the eyes from time to time. Example? Your pride will consume you to death if you are focused on what the other people say rather than what you can serve or show them that must have to be founded by the good intention of your heart [above any other things in life it should be driven by Love]. You need to decide now and act on it. You cannot please everyone, so consider living with a good intention of the heart for others today.

Care for another example? Our brain is the body’s central sex organ, and so if we are unable to control our thoughts, we are most likely to take the plunge into the lust of our eyes and flesh, leading some of us to waste our time that is supposed to be allocated for other productive thoughts and activities.

Thus, with poor emotional health, our strong will to work on the best things in life deteriorates. With this condition, we are most likely to feed our mind with things that are not essential, but those that lead us a notch higher to unproductive life and later, destruction.

Doing nothing to discipline what we should feed our body leads us to become much more susceptible to lifestyle diseases. In the same way, being too lazy to work out will cut off our endurance on more serious and tough physical activities.

I am just giving you some probable consequences of our actions today that most of them are founded by ‘PROCRASTINATION’.

What is procrastination?

Do not crawl through life on your entire being oppressed by procrastination. Instead, consider the ways of the ants. Proverbs 6:6 commands us to consider the ways of the ants and be wise. The ants store foods during the summer and so they have much something to rely on when a heavy rain pours. They do not waste their time, but place immediate attention to what is essential. And here is what excites me most. The ants have the ability to lift up heavy stuffs twice as much or more than their actual body mass. God therefore gives them the ability to do things that we might have thought impossible.

In the same way, God gives us all unique abilities, talents, skills and intellect to help us overcome things we might have thought now as impossible. In fact, what makes some things really impossible right now is due to the point that you might have done nothing at all, as you might have always allowed idle time to take you over and to lead you to your comfort zone, which is preventing you to take immediate response to what might be essential for now.

Flying to the moon was thought impossible, but the possibility of landing on it was the product of doing something step by step, one at a time, and at the right timing. To cure cancer for now has started to become a reality day by day, as scientists continue to persevere and momentarily unearth things just to understand the human genome, implement stem cell research, discover alternative medicines or food supplements and so on. If procrastination overcame Steve Jobs, you might not be able to enjoy the latest model of your smartphone today. With all of these examples, we learn that we need to overcome laziness and expect that we should optimize our time with things heading us on to efficiency and productivity. Bo Sanchez said, “We should dirty our hands.” It is not the other way around, but Sanchez wants to emphasize that our hands should be intended to be optimized to do something right, for God’s glory. In the first place, God designs or plans His people to live life to the full.

What’s the danger?

Some people use their abilities, talents and skills - purely for their own selfish motives and desires. These people do not procrastinate, but have understood one of God’s principles, that if they plant more, they will harvest more. As a result, there are many of them who raised themselves at the level of competitive edge, but at the expense of the other - resulting to exploitation and the lack of love and equality in our society persists today. You might want to include greed, jealousy, pride and hatred on the list. Therefore, do not ask if life is really unfair. Life is fair as it is created by God who is just and fair. There are indeed some factors making it unfair and I am convinced procrastination is one of them. Remember, God has created you with unique abilities, talents and skills that you need to discover, enhance and optimize the right way, not for your selfish intention, but for His glory, so that everyone would live with pure joy – this is supposed to make life fair enough for you and each of us to start living.

The principle you need to learn

God has given us the grace to do something good for His glory. If you think you are receiving more than the other, it means you also need to bring the same level back to Him, for He is just and fair. He would not demand more than what He has given you according to your ability to create something for His glory.

Remember the “Parable of the Talents” in Matthew 25:14-30. The context of this passage reminds us that God gives us varying abilities to create something back for His glory. For those He has given more, He would ask back according to the ability He has given them. The first and second servants in the parable were faithful in giving back what the Master expected of them. However, the third one fell short of the Master’s expectation by ‘Doing Nothing’ and allowing idle time to take place [procrastination] with what He has given him.

Today, we might be a failure before God if we do not maximize the ability, time, skills or talents He has given us to work for His glory.  Remember, if you consider yourself a son [daughter] of God, then you should think by now with all great conviction that you are not living for your own comfort or desire, but for God’s glory. Be a good and faithful servant. Get rid of the peril of procrastination. Consider only working or doing things for the glory of God!  Procrastination does not glorify God, and anything that does not give Him glory is a sin. 

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