Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why Are You HAPPY?

by Arthelo Palma

By Tom Newby under CC BY 2.0

Happiness is something that people cannot resist to desire. It is one of most positive human experiences that normal people expect to happen in their lives. Here are some common reasons why you see a smile on others' face. 

1. Having more money can trigger a smile. First, let's all be reminded that money is not the ultimate measure of happiness, but it can pull the trigger and for some people it leads their smile up to their ears. People want to have more money because they believe it can head their way to happiness. With more money, they can fulfill their basic needs, wants and even some vanities in life. 

2. Successful working relationship. People engage in a relationship because they expect to be happy. Everyone expects a harmonious relationship with others that is free from conflicts, pains or troubles.  

3. They do the things they love doing. Haven't you noticed why there are many people who religiously do things that are part of their daily lives? Some of them continue to do so because they are still enjoying them with expectation of the rewards that they are desiring to obtain. In other words, some people continuously do the things they do because the thought of achieving the associated rewards gives them happiness. Rewards can be monetary, physical, emotional, social, political, intellectual, spiritual and in the other related areas of life.

4. Achievement of goals. People believe they are happy once they have the things they desire that will satisfy or meet their expectations. They become happy when they are able to achieve their goals and ensure success.Majority are happy once the desirable things they believe have become a reality for them. That means they can see them before their naked eyes, feel, hear or touch them. 

Now you know that a smile on somebody’s face may indicate happiness. Although one cannot totally guarantee that it can thoroughly measure the real level of one’s happiness, a smile at some point can be a good indicator that someone might be happy. 

In some cases, a smile on the face can be a mask that covers the real sadness of the heart. That's another story.


R E L A T E D   A R T I C L E S   T O   R  E A D

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