Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why Aren’t You Gaining Or Losing A WEIGTH?

by Arthelo Palma

By Tony Alter under CC BY 2.0

We see many people and even a desperate number of them wanting to either gain or lose a weight. The truth is, we are simply influenced by what the environment tells us. The media through some ads tell us that to stay slim or possess abs is great and exemplary. Medical experts inform us that our weight may speak about or influence our health.

Now here are some other truths about your gaining weight or on how you are spreading yourself thin.

1. Your weight might be genetic or hormonal. This means that it might just be natural for you to possess the kind of weight you have right now. You probably have acquired your size from your parents or from your forefathers. Consider also that your weight might just be a normal hormonal response. Some women might end up not the same as usual with their weight and body figure when they gave birth. This is because genetic and hormonal activities in their bodies are taking their portions of the natural biological activities. For this reason, there are people who are just simply skinny or too obese to consider, but the truth is, either of these extreme conditions might just be perfectly normal for them. For as long as their vital signs are stable and they feel they are healthy with strong immune response, then there is no wrong with the kind of size they have that may be associated with their prevailing weight. Now, before you go for a weight program, consider this truth. Don't just be influenced by what the society dictates as the standard because everyone of us has unique identity inside that can be thoroughly explained by the language of our genes and innate biological process. Don't just simply miss this information before jumping right in to the next point.

2. Your weight as an upshot of your lifestyle. Consider this point as positive. You are what you eat. Tell me what you eat and I tell you who you are. This sounds too judgmental to consider, but there is truth in it, because it can essentially talk about the kind of lifestyle you have right now or the status of your life. Financially-challenged people might have poor access to more nutritious foods, leading them to settle for less or what's just simply available for them. On the contrary, people who can afford to buy sufficient foods are somehow expected to provide the essential requirements for their body to function perfectly normal as far as diet is concerned. However, at extreme cases, there is a great chance for them also to explore seemingly delicious foods but not healthy or in some way, push themselves forward to excessive eating habit. Now you know that perhaps the reason why you aren't gaining or losing a weight might just be an issue of your lifestyle.

Aside from these two points, there might be other relevant considerations to be taken into account. But these two provide us the basic understanding for consideration of the practical reasons you simply need to consider prior to how you will push yourself in either gaining or losing a weight.             


R E L A T E D   A R T I C L E S   T O   R  E A D

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