Monday, November 25, 2013

Why Others Are EARNING More And You’re Not Or Vice Versa?

by Arthelo Palma

By Jason Eppink under CC BY 2.0
A normal individual like you deserves to earn more, because you have many needs to address, but it seems hard to make both ends meet as money might be a scarce or limited resource in your case.  Now, it's not impossible that at some point you might ask yourself why others are earning more, but you're not. In case that you're earning more now than others, it's also a good point to consider why you have established such advantage so that you'll be able to provide good inputs to help others. In general, there are some reasons why earning money may not be equal among people, allowing you to see others are wealthy, and a substantial number of people are impoverished.

1. Understand that not everyone has the chance to experience being wealthy. People who experienced wealth are likely engaged in making more money than those who are exposed to poverty from birth. However, there are also people who came from rags to riches, they are inspired to make a difference and change for good as far as improving their financial status is concerned. In either way, everyone has the choice, to become rich or stay in poverty. Although we might not have equal chance for this, but we have the choice to make our life better.

2. Prioritizing wealth. People who succeeded accumulating more wealth have eventually prioritized affluence in their lives. It goes with the simple Biblical point that 'wherever your heart is, there you'll find your treasure'. So you need to ask yourself if you truly have prioritized finding wealth. If you do, but still you find yourself impoverished and wanting more, then don't just stop considering the point of making wealth a priority. There's another relevant perspective you need to consider too.

3. Consider evaluating various opportunities. While they say it's good to strike the iron while it's hot, the one who must strike must consider the degree of benefits linked to that action. There are many opportunities everywhere around us, but many people failed to evaluate these opportunities so that they ended up choosing those that prevented them to fullness. Great men with wealth like Gates are able to evaluate the opportunities they are in, giving them more competitive edge to explore many things that fuel them to acquiring even more wealth.        

4. Procrastination. Setting something aside until later holds a person back to acquire more wealth. There is a monetary counterpart of our time, as depicted in the old familiar adage, 'time is gold'. Time that is not managed well will possibly result to poverty. The book of Proverbs agrees to this statement by introducing us to the character of the ants. These are organisms that store food in the summer allowing them to accumulate more than enough food for the rainy days. But such character must truly have the basic foundation and that is the next point.

5. Lack of discipline. Discipline is a form of fixing our attitudes towards something that may provide us beneficial results rather than harm. Most people who are harmed are those who might potentially lack discipline. These people who might have lacked discipline are even immersing themselves to poor habits and lifestyle, such as those associated with laziness, addictions, drugs, sex, alcohol and gambling. These habits are some of the leading reasons why it might be harder for one to accumulate real wealth.

Perhaps you might have something in mind right now like other potential reason why others are earning more and you're not or vice versa. It's good if you have such kind of insight. So please feel free to share your thoughts. 


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