Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why You Long For HAPPINESS?

by Arthelo Palma

By John AmirAbbassi under CC BY 2.0

I want to share some important thoughts concerning the reason why humans long for happiness. Here they are.

1. No normal human being loves discomfort. In the presence of sadness, there's certainly discomfort. This is the first reason why humans long for happiness. People by nature certainly hate the idea of discomfort. 

2. Our body is designed in such a way it is built to appreciate happiness. Although it is also capable of experiencing how it feels to be sad, but such mechanism is built only to be able to distinguish the value linked to being happy.

3. Survival requires happiness. To be happy is a human positive experience that will encourage motivation and improve a person's attitude, which are essential components of achieving future success.

4. Happiness is a basic human requirement not only for survival today, but continuous eternal existence. As happiness encourages survival, its long-term effect therefore is to be able to produce inspiration that will lead the humanity to aim for eternal existence.      

5. Happiness is a balancing requirement that establishes development in all areas of our lives. For example, you learn to do the things you love doing today because there might be associated certain level of happiness with it. Such action leads you to your growth and development as a person, but the bottom line prior to achieving this is that you feel happy in what you are doing.

Aside from all of these, I'm sure you have personal reasons why you long for happiness. Please feel free to share your thoughts.  


R E L A T E D   A R T I C L E S   T O   R  E A D

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