Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why You Need To INVEST And EARN More?

by Arthelo Palma

By Alan Cleaver under CC BY 2.0

Nobody wants their financial aspect will be incapable of continuing at the same level in the future. In fact most people want their financial status to surge even higher or continue to improve. Nobody wants not to be financially secured in the future. Everyone desires to achieve financial freedom. Regarding these points, two of the most major reasons why people want to invest and earn more are discussed.

One major and important reason why some people try to invest and earn more is for them to become self-sufficient and capable of going on in the future at the same level and even more. As money is capable of buying many of the human needs and even wants, and as it is a limited or scarce resource, many people are therefore aiming to acquire more of it. It's a predominant thought in the society that without money, one can hardly survive because almost everything requires a specific monetary value for exchange. This is the reason why almost everybody has to be busy finding for money on a daily basis to earn more, because people want to become sustainable in their financial status to address their needs. 


Aside from sustainability issue, investing and earning more are actions towards establishing financial security. No one wants to be hassled by an overwhelming debts because of not being able to finance important spending in times they occur at the most unsecured time in terms of financial needs. For this reason, people learn that it is important to be secured financially in the future. Thus, it makes sense to them to avail of some protection plans that will provide them benefits in the future like life plan, insurance and more. 

Perhaps there are other more important reasons why people want to invest and earn more, but of these the two most practical considerations include the point of establishing sustainability and acquiring security.  


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