Friday, December 20, 2013

How To Say 'NO' To A 2 or 3-Year Old Child?

by Arthelo Palma

Positive Discipline by Arthelo Palma
Most of the time, many working moms and dads may not be there for their children. But a longer time at work is not an excuse that they could not perform a quality discipline for their children. Here's an important advice to help working parents balance their personal life.

A two or three-year old is already advanced in his physical, cognitive, language and emotional or social development. Just like an adult he becomes frustrated when not understood, and may scratch, hit, bite, and push other children. And here's the most difficult part. As experienced, my two-year old son doesn't want to be refused because he wants his own way and that will be the primary source of his becoming upset if his wants or desires will not be gratified. When his mom and I say "No" it triggers him to a sulking tantrum. A child this age can be difficult to reason with.     

Most of the time he loves to discover many things and here where the danger comes in. He loves to experiment and grabs hold of everything that might potentially harm him. Saying 'NO' will always be the easy way to do, because you don't want your child to get hurt. However, a constant action like this to your child may also potentially harm his creativity and other general development, because the things he does are normal for his growing years. What he needs is a patient and smart parent to guide him through this stage of his development. 

So what will you do when your two or three-year old child begins to write on the wall?

I find a great mistake in here at first when I decided to inflict punishment on my two-year old son. It was a great mistake that I will never do again. Never inflict pain on your children when you see they start to write something on the wall and begin to mess up your home with their creativity. There is a great chance that you are more likely to eliminate his creative development. The second time I saw my child writing on the wall, I called up his attention and showed him a sincere gesture to stop what he was doing. Then I supplemented that action with a positive approval just to let him know that writing is good by giving him a piece of blank paper where he can write on it instead on the wall. After a few minutes, he showed me what he did and I was happy to see that he was trying to tell me that what he just created was good. With a striking positive approval on my countenance, I showed him a sweet smile, switched my arms around him and told him it was awesome and perfectly wonderful! Keep it up my child!

So here's the rule of thumb 

Parents are to encourage and motivate their children the right way. It's not easy to become a parent because disciplining our children the right way is a must, but we have to make sure we constantly push the right button. A two or three-year old child can be difficult to handle, but as they are constantly in motion, their span of attention to something is very short. This means that you can easily direct their attention to other things. So here where your strategy sets in. If your child grabs hold of your laptop or mobile phone and you want to say no, now is the time that you have to direct his attention to something beneficial. You can either give him his favorite toy, show him something outside, or other means that will change his focus. You can even invite him to other productive stuffs like showing him how to clean up a mess. You have to take control. Don't allow him to take control of the situation. If you do, you're just trying to raise a child that will soon end up a strong willed. Sooner or later when he grows up, everything will just bounce back to you. And sure you don't want it to happen. Do you? MIFL  

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it". - Proverbs 22:6

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