Friday, September 19, 2014

Heidegger’s Definition of Thinking and Its Implications on the Philippine Government Leadership

I am deeply disturbed by the thought that the Philippine government is truly a haven of corrupt leaders, at least from the point of view of ordinary or typical Filipinos who in many occasions overheard it on the media or just from simply around the corner coming from the same ordinary people. What disturbed me is not the actual thought why these fraudulent politicians exist, but the point if they really are thinking. On their part, if they cogitate, thinking should mean "nothingness" based on the point of view of Martin Heidegger. This must also remarkably signify finding themselves far from being devoid of the shield of immunity from the distractions of this world, such as fame, wealth, success, superficial happiness and many more, which according to the idea of Heidegger are vital sources of false sense of security. Nevertheless, I see that these public leaders are not thinking at all, because if they do, they would have never allowed it to pass that they would be living in a society where majority of the people cannot even simply address their basic and vital needs in life, that is, to suffice their requirements for daily survival and make both ends meet at the end of a long day. If these officials are thinking,they should have thought that everything they do for their personal intention and to meet their false sense of security could create a boomerang effect, which could hit them back that hard sooner or later. If they truly care, they should have thought that everything bad that they will initiate for now could boil down to their poor leadership, which remarkably is an issue that can literally destroy their integrity as public leaders. Thus, a leader who does not really care for his people is not thinking at all. In the same way, a leader who secures first his integrity or any relevant selfish gain is not thinking. At some point, he will have to first defend or take a great leap to full or satisfy himself, which might not be truly what is vital in leadership if one will base it on the idea of Heidegger about what thinking is all about. In this case, such leader is only showing an example to the people the important strategy on how not to lose the battle even if it means not telling the truth. So imagine a society like this. A leader who is not thinking is a great recipe for destruction.

"The Wheelchair Strategy"

     Concerning this, I remember how the issue of rice shortage prevailed over the media when former President Arroyo was about to be charged due to linked grave misconduct or anomalies in her administration. I simply would want to stand that it was just a cover up in order to waylay the public from digging the real heart of the matter. By then until at present, the strategies to cover up ones’ self are evolving in the Philippine context. Today, the “wheelchair” strategy is so prevalent. This is the common strategy of the public officials or leaders to conceal their shame and to eliminate the possibility of finding themselves “literally” locked up in jail. So they just simply want to secure a “VIP treatment” for themselves, at least to compensate the shame and continue boost their ego or pride. This is such a waste of money and a great mockery to our entire sociopolitical and judiciary system.  


In the Philippine setting, the real sociopolitical and economic issues sound like as if we were all living in the same aquarium, sharing same water, space and food, but what these corrupt public officials or leaders were doing was they truly try to poison the entire artificial ecosystem with their selfish ambition to have more. With what they did which continues at present, they crudely are trying to ignite fierce rebuttal against the concerns that are coming from the deeply angst-ridden individuals who are truly thinking for the good of everyone. Now, the story ends up to some higher officials held up to face before the court of law on the ground of plunder, betrayal of public trust and for doing unconstitutional policies which at some point from the past may just have been strongly ignited by mere personal intentions, down to their defeatist level of mentality for they are used to not truly thinking at all. 

The Irony!

However, it is ironic that during the national or local elections many of the Filipinos are quite zealous to elect feisty and intelligent public officials with unprecedented credentials or background in public service (For sure, many Filipinos are not used to thinking too). On the other hand, I see that many of these highly elected and honored public leaders are not truly thinking at all, even if they might have reaped badges for themselves that may be truly a cut above the other. Why?

My first point is that for as long as these leaders try to think of themselves first, they are not seeing, but might just be at least trying to close their eyes for the possible real implications in the future of their prevailing actuation. These leaders act like businessmen. Many business people love that their gain burgeons to secure a good fortune for themselves. However, in their capitalistic ideals, they forgot to consider that they were just trying to harm the distribution of wealth, which leads to the actual scenario today where the poor become poorer and rich richer. Since there are many poor who are exploited to the full and a few well-off individuals, the distribution of wealth is not balance, leading to high rate of crimes, especially related to financial concerns because many people are starving to death. For instance, business tycoons are threatened by kidnap-for- ransom groups or torts, and this is simply because of their greed for wealth. Now, I see that they are not truly thinking as they might have not fully literally realized at some point the future implications of their personal desires.

     Second, had the majority of the Philippine government leaders decided to pursue real thinking from the past and consistently to the present, the Philippine government should have long been flourishing in the world. That is the kind of idea I see when the thought of Heidegger about “thinking” would sink in to my entire system of thinking. Heidegger was quite popular about his idea of what “thinking” is all about. For him, one must not be enslaved by his or her own ideas. I am convinced that these Philippine Government leaders are enslaved by their own ideas; one is the idea on how they can place themselves a cut above the other, which is something I see as a great peril in leadership.    

As for now, let us move it into the point that I consider myself thinking because am not doing it for the justification of merely satisfying my own pleasure or need for thinking, but to see exactly the world or at least the Philippine setting in particular, as it is. A remarkable basis of my point of view, as already stated, is simply widely heard across the media. The anomalies perpetuated by the highly controversial politicians or public leaders are from time to time headlined on the national television or into broadly published local newspapers. This must help justify my point, the TRUTH!

Jesus Christ said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6).

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