Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Five-Minute Rule - A Time Management Strategy

I know it's hard sometimes to get yourself working on a schedule or a deadline. The thought of hurrying yourself to it might be daunting or even frustrating, which might be hurting your strong will at some point. Provided that nobody will finish it for you, then such leaves you with no choice so you need to get yourself freely involved in it. Go for no second thought. You certainly need to get a high level of motivation at first. 

As an individual facing a long day, here's what I usually do in order to at least begin and find myself working at ease on a schedule or a deadline for a certain task (Especially if I feel not doing it).

The five-minute rule

It's easy to employ this rule. All you need to have to find yourself freely starting a  task at a fast pace are your clock and a short flash from it. 

I need to keep going, so it urges me to at least start working for five minutes and only to find it's already inconvenient to stop at some point. I call this five-minute rule as "the point of no return" because it's simply the moment that establishes my speed and the endurance to wrapping up something for the day. 

Within five minutes, just force yourself running on something relevant to your scheduled activities. Then after that short moment of try out you'll find yourself already at it, even at a fast pace and getting much involved. At this point, your mindset or strong will has dictated that you simply need to keep going. No turning back is necessary. So just go on and enjoy it!           
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