Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why Aren't You EARNING More?

by Arthelo Palma

By Tax Credits under CC BY 2.0

Here are some reasons why you might have experienced financial scarcity aside from the reality that you might have at least one of these: you do not have savings, no investments, no regular work, and perhaps you are entangled by debt.  

1. Procrastination. Understand that it takes time to earn money. Procrastination (setting something aside until later) is one of the reasons why you have not made use of your time enough to earn money. So when you failed to use your time the right way, expect that at some point in your future your financial aspect will have to suffer. According to the Chinese proverb, 'time is gold'. There is a precious monetary counterpart of your time. So use it wisely!

2. Unexplored potential. Until now, there might still be unexplored natural potential in you that you have not harnessed yet. You need to unveil them now and make them productive. Earn through them. Many people have gained monetary rewards because they used their talents, skills and hobbies and took it to the next level. They further invest in them. So don't be afraid to explore and take the risks if you can.

3. Working hard is not your lifestyle. To work hard might not be your ultimate lifestyle that is why until now it is so tough for you to make both ends meet. A substantial number of people have inched their way to financial freedom because they worked so hard and fixed their eyes on achieving their goals. They always kept their eyes out for various opportunities that may just only require their natural ability to work hard.

4. Not enough knowledge and endurance. Working hard alone is not a guarantee that you will earn more. You need the right amount of knowledge (creative ideas) and endurance to sustain your pace all the way to your goals.  

There are still many reasons you can include in this list, but the most important move for now that you can do is to evaluate yourself and begin to take the positive steps for change.

R E L A T E D   A R T I C L E S   T O   R  E A D

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