Monday, November 25, 2013

Why EATING Not Too Much At Night Is Important?

by Arthelo Palma

By UrbaneWomenMag under CC BY 2.0

This explanation sounds might be too biological to consider for some people who have no substantial exposure to ideas in biology. So please bear with me. The most important point of this article is to know the "relevant" associated facts on why eating not too much at night is important.

1. Low metabolism rate at night. At night our body's metabolism rate may not be that high because some of our body parts while we sleep are resting, which may reduce the need for a high level of energy consumption. So what's the point of having too much food for energy conversion?

2. Let your stomach rest and your body. While you are physically active at daytime, your body suggests that you should take foods to sustain balance of energy for every function of its parts. This means more work for your digestive system. But just as how you want to take some good night rest, some of your organs including your stomach probably except the heart will also want to do the same. In case when you are about to sleep and you are downing so much food into your stomach, you are leaving a great work for this organ including the other supporting organs like the pancreas, liver, small intestines and other related organs that are helping it to sustain its digestive function for the entire human body system. This means aside from your brain, your other internal body parts may require high amount of oxygen to perform their functions. As your brain controls your entire body, and with no sufficient amount of oxygen to sustain it because of an ongoing digestive activity, you are most probably not having a good night rest when your stomach is extremely full.   

3. Lose some weight. Eating not too much at night or avoiding late night eating has been considered as the opportunity to lose weight. Perhaps this is a good start for you if you're planning to spread yourself thin.       

You can add to this list by considering official medical advices from experts. At least for now, you have an idea which way to start to keep you in good shape.   

R E L A T E D   A R T I C L E S   T O   R  E A D

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